About Us

Experience is the ultimate asset.

We represent individuals and family members in personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, toxic exposure, and insurance disputes. We only represent those harmed. We do not represent corporations or their insurance companies.

Our approach to your legal claim begins with knowing that any one claim may need to be litigated, or even presented to a jury. While our philosophy is that good settlements often make good results, we recognize that in the modern world of wrongful death and injury claims, those lawyers who regularly try cases to verdict often see even better results for their clients.

No client chooses a trial. But every client deserves expertise, talent, and experience in the handling of your case.

Having the experience and expertise to litigate and present your case to a jury are essential ingredients to giving your case the best opportunity to resolve fairly. Ask us about our jury trial experience. Ask us about our results and experience handling a case like yours. Since most lawyers charge the same fee for most cases, you pay the same fee when you hire an experienced trial lawyer with unique expertise in jury trials.

Call Mooney Colvin today. At our office, unlike many others, you are represented by a partner of this law firm. Your lawyer and our support team handle every aspect of your case up to and through settlement or trial. Assisting your lawyer is a legal support team of professionals with extensive experience and legal skills. This is your legal team.