Insurance Bad Faith
and Disputes

We all pay insurance premiums as a form of protection against financial ruin. The tragedy might be an accident, injury, illness, fire, natural or man made disaster, or even premature death. Unfortunately, purchasing insurance is no guarantee that when the time comes your insurer will do the right thing.

The bottom line: insurance companies have a legal duty to honor the policies they sell. Mooney Colvin aggressively fights to hold insurers accountable for the promises they make. If you believe your insurance company has wrongly denied your covered claim, or paid out an amount below what you believe your claim is worth, we may be able to help. We will stand with you in the fight against your insurance company.

Don’t be satisfied with your insurer’s explanation of a denied or disputed claim. Contact Mooney Colvin today and find out from your advocate where you stand. Don’t wait. Waiting can harm any future lawsuit or legal case.

Cases involve:
  • PIP/No-fault
  • Disability
  • Bad faith
  • Improper policy cancellations
  • Medical treatment denials
  • Coverage disputes
  • Unreasonable offers