Referring Attorneys

Referral and co-counsel relationships make sense. We know there are certain cases you choose not to litigate for a variety of reasons. Refer those cases to Mooney Colvin and benefit from a co-counsel relationship. Why squander the effort and expense you’ve devoted to bringing that client to your door? Refer those clients to Mooney Colvin.

Why does a referral or co-counsel relationship with Mooney Colvin make sense?
  • Each year we successfully try cases to verdict.
  • The optimum awards we receive, both from verdicts and settlements, are measurements of our practice.
  • We do not and will not plunder your clients.
  • You’ll be as involved as you choose. We’ll even see your clients in your office.
  • Keeping pace with litigated cases is not for every lawyer, nor is it for every law firm. That’s okay.
When does a referral or co-counsel relationship with Mooney Colvin make sense?
  • When filing suit is the only right next step.
  • When you choose not to extend your firm’s valuable capital resources to just one or a few cases.
  • When you choose not to expend the energy and money to try your case to verdict.
  • Now.

Referral relationships are like any other relationship. They require trust. We earn your trust one client and one case at a time.

Many of our clients are out-of-state. We offer almost any relationship that works for you.

While many lawyers simply refer the case in exchange for the Florida Bar approved referral fee, others prefer to remain involved and split the work, the costs, and the fee.

However you want to handle the relationship, check in so we can talk about your case and what needs to be done.

Referral fees paid pursuant to all rules governing the Florida Bar and referral relationship best practices.

For more information contact: Thomas E. Mooney or John V. Colvin.