Frequently Asked

What documentation do I need to provide if you handle my case?

We appreciate a written outline of your economic losses, including all medical bills, medical records, insurance documents, property damage information or any other relevant paperwork. Photographs, diaries, lists and emails are extremely beneficial.

Will you bring in experts for my case?

We often work with experts throughout the country to analyze and/or testify about the scientific, engineering, medical or economic issues of your case. If an expert can improve your case, we hire one.

Does every case go to trial?

No. Not every case requires a trial or even a lawsuit, but every case needs the full-time involvement of seasoned attorneys, experienced in the civil court system, especially jury trials. Mooney Colvin attorneys work every day in the civil trial system.

How do you determine the monetary value of my case?

While most claims do not have a fixed value, recent verdicts and our experience with similar settlements can provide useful guidelines. Predicting the value of any case is difficult, which is why we stay abreast of recent verdicts in other cases. When justified, we utilize jury consultants and mock trials to better assess the potential value of your claim and to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

Are claims settled without trials or lawsuits?

Yes, almost all civil claims are resolved before trial. If needed, Mooney Colvin will try your case to verdict.

Could my case end up in mediation?

Yes. Mediation can be effective and help everyone remain focused on results. If it is required, we work to get your case in front of the appropriate mediator at a time that is best for your case.