$7,011,000 Verdict

Wrongful death medical malpractice to child; last pre-trial offer $250k

$3,780,000 Verdict

Motor vehicle accident with loss of career earnings from multiple injuries; last pre-trial offer $500k

$1,044,000 Verdict

Sexual assault to child in psychiatric facility; last pre-trial offer $250k

$300,000 Verdict

Motor vehicle crash with neuropathic pain, fractured clavicle and ribs; last pre-trial offer $30k

$1.6 Million

Tractor-Trailer vs. Car Collision


Liability claim for formaldehyde exposure

$1.3 Million

Medical malpractice (pediatric and neonatology) for profoundly brain injured child


Negligence claim against health insurance carrier due to missed diagnosis of colon cancer

$1.2 Million

Over $1 million workers’ compensation benefits awarded to an injured worker in a catastrophic claim.


Medical malpractice involving failure by an emergency room physician to diagnose appendicitis

$870,000 Verdict

Motor vehicle crash with pedestrian in school crossing

$385,000 Verdict

Slip-and-fall liability against landlord for failure to repair roof


Automobile accident resulting in the need for cervical spine fusion


Medical malpractice recovery on wrongful death


Medical malpractice against hospital involving stroke


Motor vehicle vs. pedestrian recovery with traumatic brain injury

$1.19 Million

Premises liability. Achilles rupture with surgery.