Theme Park Injuries

Theme park injuries can be catastrophic and often involve children. Successful prosecution of a theme park injury case involves three types of law: tort law, product liability law and premises liability law. At Mooney Colvin, we have a vast amount of experience with all three. We use this experience and our own brand of aggressive law practice to pursue money compensation on your behalf.

With an Orlando office, Mooney Colvin is in close proximity to one of the world’s leading theme parks. Contrary to popular belief, theme parks are not magical or mythical cities. Theme parks are actually microcosms of the world in which we all live. A world where accidental injuries occur and real victims suffer serious life changing catastrophic injuries. Add to this the fact that by nature theme parks are home to large numbers of people and amusement rides, which combine height, gravity and all manner of machinery, and you have a recipe for disaster.

If you or a loved one has been injured in any accident at a theme park, call our office. Speak directly with a partner of the firm and learn all your rights under the law.